Sansonina Lugana, naturally fermented

sansonina lugana fermentazione spontanea

This wine was inspired by our deep connection to Lake Garda. We wanted to share our land’s unique terroir with the world by producing a wine made using the best grapes from one of Lugana’s oldest vineyards, the Vigna del Moraro Verde. In order to achieve this, we employed ancient vinification methods with a focus on spontaneous fermentation using ambient yeast.

A wine intended for long-term aging, it rewards the wine lover with rich minerality imparted from the soil and balanced roundness on the palate. Its distinct character on the nose delivers notes of white flowers and ripe yellow fruit that evoke the aromas of the grapes at harvest.

“My guide for this project,” says Nadia, “was the deep connection to the land and my love for this appellation, something I inherited from my father, Sergio, a true maestro. At every step, I asked myself, ‘what would my father do?'”

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