“A faithful interpretation of terroir”: Civiltà del Bere on Sansonina Rosso

The following note has been translated from the Civiltà del Bere website. Civiltà del Bere is one of Italy’s leading wine publications.

This wine is sourced from Merlot grapes grown in an ancient vineyard [above] that was brought back to life through meticulous work.

Thanks to the different experiences from their many trips abroad, mother and daughter [Carla Prospero and Nadia Zenato] are convinced that this international variety can deliver surprising results.

The clay subsoils in Lake Garda’s southern moraines bring to mind more noted soils where some of the world’s greatest Merlot is grown.

The bunches are picked with extreme care. Maceration, pre-fermentation, and spontaneous fermentation take place French oak casks — a savvy approach.

The wine then ages in different sizes of French oak. The resulting blend stands apart for its aromatic character and its faithful interpretation of the terroir.

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