Biodiversity and why it matters

The Sansonina USA blogger took a stroll through the estate’s vineyards over the weekend and snapped the above photo.

It was a beautiful June day. The sun was shining but the weather wasn’t too hot. Butterflies and bees were busy doing their work and at one point, he found himself enveloped in a huge spider’s web! (No bites to report, luckily!)

The insects and the wild flowers growing between these rows of old-vine Merlot offer us an index of the vineyard’s biodiversity.

Biodiversity matters because it’s an indicator of the vineyard’s health. And healthy vineyards are what deliver healthy fruit and the resulting quality in the wines.

The vinearyds at Sansonina have been farmed organically for many years now and will so be certified organic.

The absence of synthetic products allows the animal life in the vineyards to flourish. And this helps to replenish nitrogen in the soil — a key element in growing healthy fruit.

Its thanks to the presence of the animal’s dead organic matter (their poop, essentially!) that helps to enhance the “carbon-nitrogen cycling” that makes soils healthy for farming.

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