A preview of the new Sansonina winery

Nadia Zenato and Carla Prospero Zenato, owners and founders of the Sansonina estate and winery in Peschiera del Garda (Lugana), still don’t have a definitive date for completion of their new winemaking facility and hospitality center.

But workers and designers are busy putting the final touches on what is sure to be a new viticultural and architectural landmark in the appellation and township.

It was conceived and designed by one of Italy’s leading contemporary architects, Giovanni Bo, founder of the Asti-based studio that bears his name.

Bo has designed and constructed some of Italy’s most celebrated wineries, including many estates owned by some of the country’s highest-profile grape growers and winemakers. We’re not one to name names but you’ll find a number of his works in Piedmont (where he is based) and Tuscany where he has created some of his most memorable works.

Mr. Bo is an expert in winery design as well as contemporary architecture (a field in which he is considered a master of his generation). And so he was the ideal choice for the Zenato family when they decided to launch this ambitious project.

Once completed, the property will include a winemaking facility, an aging cellar, and a small boutique hotel and farm-to-table restaurant.

There’s still no date for completion but Nadia says she hopes to vinify this year’s harvest at the site.

We’ll be reporting on construction progress here on the blog. Stay tuned for updates!

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