Sister Eve, Sister Moon: The story behind the name Evaluna

Nadia Zenato and her mother Carla Prospero, owners of the Sansonina estate, are both iconic women winemakers in their own right.

Each of them have lived and worked in an Italian wine world that was once dominated almost exclusively by men. But today, things are different: There are more prominent women winemakers in Italy than every before. And the current generation of Italian winemakers — Nadia’s generation — is driven in great part by women like her who have stepped up to lead their families’ wineries.

As two of the most famous women in Italian wine, they love to celebrate their family by drawing from historical references to women in literature and culture (including viticulture).

Just recently, here on the blog, we wrote about how the name Sansonina might have been inspired by the legend of a resilient woman who lived on their farm many decades before they acquired it in the 1990s.

And so it was only natural that the Sansonina estate’s second wine would also allude to a historic woman and a symbol of women and femininity: Evaluna, a portmanteau of Eva (meaning Eve, as in Eve and Adam) and luna (meaning moon in Italian).

When Nadia and Carla decided to revive an old Merlot vineyard and plant Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc on this historic estate, their neighbors didn’t exactly think they were crazy. But they wondered why the two women wanted to produce red wines in a land known primarily for its whites (the Lugana appellation to the south of Lake Garda).

And so Evaluna also represented a new “beginning” for the mother-and-daughter team, just as Eve was the first woman in western literature.

The moon, on the other hand, also represents the seasons and the cycles of life, key elements in the development and evolution of the great wines of the world.

Click here to read more about Evaluna, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, a red from the land of whites.

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