Monica Larner (Robert Parker): 95 points for Sansonina 2013 Merlot “Limited Edition”

Above: The organic vineyard where Sansonina Merlot is farmed.

We are thrilled to share another phenomenal score from leading Italian reviewer Monica Larner for Robert Parker. See all of Sansonina’s accolades here.

Sansonina 2013 Merlot Limited edition
95 points

The 2013 Merlot Limited Edition is intense, precise and sharp. It offers a near textbook rendition of slightly aged Merlot, with some of the unique characteristics that peg the wine to Northeast Italy. For example, it offers the dark fruit ripeness that is typical of a Mediterranean climate with some of the freshness and crispness that you get at the foot of the Italian Alps and the temperature shifts associated with Lake Garda. This full-bodied red offers rich fruit tones with pretty notes of pencil shaving and flint. The tannins are on the dry side with enough sweetness to pair with succulent pork or breaded veal. This wine is released in extremely limited numbers with only 400 bottles produced.

Monica Larner
Italian reviewer
Robert Parker
September 2019

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